Programs at The Hoboken Shelter

The Hoboken Shelter offers its guests a number of educational and life-enriching programs.

Please find below the description and statistics for the four programs:

  1. Food & Shelter Program
  2. Homelessness Prevention Program
  3. Permanent Supportive Housing Program
  4. Change & Independence Program


Over 500 meals are served daily with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Breakfast and brown-bagged lunch are served daily to our 50 Shelter Guests.  An additional breakfast is served daily during our morning drop-in hours, a hot lunch is served daily at 1:30pm, and a hot dinner is served nightly at 7:15pm to our Street-Dwelling Homeless, Shelter Guests, and Working Poor.  Overnight shelter is provided to 50 men and women nightly.  All of our Guests receive the following case management services:  Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Budget Management, Medication Education, Vocational Support, Housing Assistance, Clothes, and Daily Showers.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Sponsor a dinner! Please send $300 to Jaclyn’s attention at the Shelter to sponsor a dinner.
    • Prepare & serve dinner from 6pm-8pm nightly.
    • Sort clothing & food donations & serve lunch from 11am-2pm on weekdays.
    • Make, wrap, & deliver sandwiches for our Guests to take to work & school daily.
TOTAL 19,453 196,035

Average number of Guests sheltered nightly:                            53 Adults

Average number of meals served daily:                                         537 Meals (Breakfasts, Lunches, & Dinners)

 Katherine & Ethan

Successfully Housed Guests who received the 2 Millionth Meal in our Soup Kitchen


The Homelessness Prevention Program provides security deposits to Shelter Guests, counseling for tenant rights, referrals to appropriate agencies, assistance looking for apartments, and contacting current/potential landlords.  Additionally, help is provided to Guests on a 1:1 basis to complete applications to affordable housing programs and fair market rentals.

2019 # of Guests Housed with Security Deposits

 Deborah Newsletter Picture Deborah

Successfully Housed Guest who received the Security Deposit in our HPP


The goal is to help our homeless neighbors move from the street to our shelter to their own homes.  This program consists of two components.

First, through intensive case management services, Guests are assisted with finding and applying for apartments.  Additional support services are provided to former Shelter Residents to help them become housed and stay housed, which include:

  • Counseling for tenant rights
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Budget counseling
  • Food provisions
  • Furniture and house ware supplies


Shelter Guests HOUSED in Fair Market Rentals, Program Housing, & Reunited with Family

Average number of Shelter Guests housed monthly:                                12 Adults

Second, through partnerships with affordable housing programs and government project-based vouchers (PBV) for rental subsidies, Shelter Residents are provided with their own apartment along with clinical supervision provided by the Shelter’s Case Management Team, which include:

  • Independent Living Skills Training – Assist in the development of a self-directed plan for work, education, medical, recreation, or social needs.
  • Information and Referral – Provide contact information for transportation, health care, mental health, and day care resources available to disabled individuals as they seek to implement their independent living plan.
  • Peer Support – Offer support network to individuals with a disability where they can share their concerns and learn about solutions.  This gives members an opportunity to share their knowledge and benefit from the experience of others.
  • Family & Community Education – Will help to educate the other family members who provide support for the individual with a disability so that the support network is informed and involved.
  • Advocacy – Will advocate on behalf of the individual with a disability if that person has been mistreated or discriminated against by other entities or individuals.

This program started in March 2009 with the first 4 tenants and then it expanded in 2012 & 2019 with Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Vouchers for Chronic Homeless Guests to move into their own apartments.  It continues to expand in 2019-2020 with 7 Vouchers designated for Homeless Veterans through a partnership with the Hoboken American Legion Post 107.

Number of Shelter Guests HOUSED in our PSHP Apartments:             34 Guests/Tenants


      Yvette                                 Estella                                         Dave

Successfully Housed Guests in our PSHP Apartments


The Integrated Living Program (ILP) has been in operation since 1998 and was re-developed in October 2008 to become the Change & Independence Program (CIP).  The program provides job readiness and life skills training in conjunction with creative workshops to help participants heal from the isolating, demoralizing experience of homelessness while learning how to articulate personal goals and build self-esteem.  The program is centered on the following vocational, educational, and recreational elements in these workshops:

  • Financial Literacy Workshop aka “Money Mondays” on Mondays (2pm-3pm):

Guests gain the knowledge and skills to become financially responsible.  Guests learn how to create a budget, how to repair their credit, the importance of having a bank account, and many other skills.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Make presentations to Guests about budgeting & finance issues. 
    • Financial Professionals Needed!!!


  • Housing Counseling on Mondays (3pm-5pm):

The Homelessness Prevention Program provides security deposits to Shelter Guests, counseling for tenant rights, referrals to appropriate agencies, assistance looking for apartments, and contacting current/potential landlords.  Additionally, help is provided to Guests on a 1:1 basis to complete applications to affordable housing programs and fair market rentals.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Donate funds to sponsor the Security Deposit for a Guest to move into their own home!
    • Make connections for housing opportunities.


  • Visual Arts Workshop on Mondays (8pm-9pm):
  • Professional artists from the community are invited to present and instruct our Guests on different styles of art.  Guests are invited to find patterns and symmetry in their environment and to sketch using a variety of mediums and developing their skills and methods of drawing.  Spatial elements and proportion are also developed.  The basics of painting are explored through color, design, texture, and lighting.  Our Guests are introduced to works from different artists and study various art genres, including Senegalese form of reverse glass painting.  The workshop is informal and designed to invite participation and provide a time of creativity, relaxation, and enjoyment.  This workshop emphasizes creative expression and the discovery of hidden talents.  Guests’ works are showcased in professional galleries.  
    • Volunteers are welcome to:
      • Participate in the workshop with Guests from 8pm-9pm on Mondays.
      • Make connections for Gallery Exhibits.
      • Donate art supplies.
  • Social Services Workshop on Tuesdays (2pm-3pm):

Guests are given valuable information on the various social services that are available to them.  Social Services agencies are welcome to come in and facilitate a workshop.

    • Make presentations to Guests about resources & benefits.
  • Vocational Counseling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays (3pm-5pm):

A Vocational Specialist meets with Guests individually to build their resumes, apply for jobs, research the job market, discuss employment issues, conduct mock-interviews, salary negotiation, timelines, conflict resolution, job-hunting, and a myriad of job issues.  Access to computers to conduct job searches is provided from 3pm-5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Review resumes, discuss employment opportunities, & conduct mock-interviews with Guests from 3pm-7pm on weekdays.
    • Make connections for employment opportunities.


  • Creative Writing Workshop on Tuesdays (8pm-9pm):

The Creative Writing workshop began in 1999 by playwrights who were interested in working with the homeless.  Our Guests are introduced to the writings from different professional authors, poets, essayists, and playwrights are explored, studied, and discussed.  The instructor provides a creative atmosphere for our Guests to express themselves and produce their own writings to empower them and give them the ability to develop their own voice.  Writing prompts and exercises help our Guests build and develop their skills.  This workshop emphasizes how writing can be helpful in improving communication, reducing anxiety, and gaining insight.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Participate in the workshop with Guests.
    • Make connections for publishing opportunities.
    • Donate note books & pens.


  • Health & Hygiene Workshop on Wednesdays (2pm-3pm):

Guests learn valuable information about numerous health topics.  Healthcare professionals lead the workshop and conducting health screenings, including blood pressure, HIV, glucose, etc.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Participate in the workshop with Guests.
    • Medical Professionals Needed!!!


  • Computer Literacy Program on Wednesdays & Thursdays (8pm-9pm):

Two weekly computer training sessions provide Guests with computer access and the chance to develop basic computer skills, as well as experience in advanced programs.  Experienced instructors provide one-on-one and small-group computer training using our dedicated computer lab.  Assistance is also provided to facilitate online job searches, resume and cover letter building, and online job application assistance, as well as apartment and housing searches, and researching educational opportunities.  The workshop is adjusted each week based on the experience level and students’ needs, including computer basics, Microsoft Office applications, how to use the internet, computer and personal information security, and how to reconnect with social media.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Donate computers, parts, & networking equipment.
  • Job & Employment Issues Workshop on Thursdays (2pm-3pm):

Professionals discuss a variety of topics about employment and teach resume tips and interview skills.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Participate in the workshop with Guests from 2pm-3pm on Thursdays, especially to help with mock-interviews & review resumes.
    • Make connections for employment opportunities.


  • Current Events Discussion Group aka “Hot Topics” on Fridays (2pm-3pm):

Guests are prompted to discuss impactful world events while gaining perspective on a diverse set of opinions through meaningful conversations.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Participate in the workshop with Guests from 2pm-3pm on Fridays.


  • Movie & Discussion Group on Weekdays (3pm-5pm):

Guests and Case Managers curate the daily selection of movies.  Hearty conversations and creative discourse follow each viewing.  This activity provides a fun outlet for the stressful lives our Guests lead and fosters socialization to help the process of re-integration into society.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Watch movies with the Guests & participate in the follow-up conversations on a 1:1 basis.
    • Donate DVDs.
  • Men’s Group on Saturdays (2pm-3pm):

Safe space for men to exploring intimate issues about health concerns and focus on grooming needs in preparation for vocational opportunities.  Guests explore ways to build and foster positive relationships.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Lead a discussion about men’s health & social issues.
    • Barbers Needed!!!


  • Support Group on Saturdays (3pm-4pm):

Support and education does not end when an individual completes the CIP or moves out of the Shelter.  The Support Group is promoted throughout the course and Guests are encouraged to participate in the weekly sessions to discuss a range of issues related to life, addiction, mental health, and work.  The group provides support, resources, and a caring ear.  All are welcome to join the group and to meet individually with the Counselor.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Make presentations to Guests about health & addiction issues.


  • Housing Workshop on Saturdays (4pm-5pm):

Shelter Guests discuss programs, resources, and opportunities for housing possibilities.  They also discuss issues that may need to be addressed and resolved for different housing programs.  They discuss different avenues in which other Guests have become successfully housed.  The Case Manager facilitates conversation about issues with neighbors, roommates, and/or family reunification.  This workshop also focuses on ways our Guests are able to maintain housing stability once they are housed in order to reduce recidivism.  Additionally, help is provided to Guests on a 1:1 basis to complete applications to affordable housing programs.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Lead a discussion.
    • Make connections for housing opportunities.


  • Women’s Group on Sundays (2pm-3pm):

Safe space for women to help the female Guests gain empowerment by discussing and exploring intimate issues from manicures to menopause, from movies to mental health, from money to motherhood, and from movement to men.  Additionally, this group focuses on financial management and vocational opportunities.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Lead a discussion about women’s health & social issues.
    • Facilitate a work-out/exercise session—ZUMBA is their favorite!!!
    • Stylists for Hair & Make-up Needed!!!


  • Spiritual Discussion on Sundays (3pm-4pm):

This forum is a journey in discovering one’s spiritual center and developing personal connections with others.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Lead a discussion.


  • Music & Movement Sessions on Sundays (4pm-5pm):

Music is played for Guests prior to and during Saturday dinner, which includes Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Ragtime, Rap, Opera, Classical, Gospel, and more.  Professional musicians and choirs also perform.  Guests are encouraged to share their musical talents and perform, too.  The music and song inspire dance and movement.  Additionally, Tai-Chi and Yoga sessions are led by certified instructors who conduct weekly instruction that is suitable for beginning students.  Participants are introduced to various cultural expressions, rhythms, motions, and different modes of music.  The focus of movement is to increase body awareness, learn basic postures, and practice therapeutic breathing.  These sessions help our Guests with relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Play music, sing, or teach yoga/tai-chi for our Guests.
    • Teach different cultural dances, including Salsa, Tango, Flamenco, & Capoeira. 


  • Outreach Team on Daily (11am-12pm):

Shelter Guests formed a peer-led outreach team to distribute information about the Shelter’s programs, county-wide resources, and sandwiches to street-dwelling homeless at the Hoboken train station on weekends.  Sandwiches are prepared by our Guests in our Culinary Arts Workshop and Volunteers.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Make, wrap, & deliver sandwiches.
  • Mentoring & Tutoring Nightly (6pm-7pm):

Guests develop one-on-one relationships with volunteers from the community.  Such relationships are critically important in avoiding depression and keeping Guests focused on achieving their goals.  Many of our Guests realize the importance of a high school diploma; thus, tutoring in preparation for the General Education Diploma (GED) is offered.  We also provide English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring and link with off-site programs to serve our Spanish speaking population.  Individual employment counseling and resume writing sessions provided develops interpersonal skills and builds self-esteem in preparation for job interviews.  Additionally, Guests appreciate time spent with volunteers who share the simple gift of conversation.

  • Volunteers are welcome to:
    • Tutor Guests on ESL & GED or have a conversation with Guests.

 2019 CIP Workshops Participants:      76,429 Participants

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