Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for sending your well-wishes for our Guests & inquiries for ways to help! 

Here are 19 ways you can make a difference in our Guests lives during this difficult time of COVID-19:

  1. Stay Safe & Healthy—We’re worried about you too!
  2. Check on an elderly neighbor who may need food too.
  3. Keep our Guests in your Hearts—thank you for helping all of your neighbors stay healthy, safe, bathed, fed, & sheltered.  How about writing a Note of Hope to our Guests!
  4. Make, Wrap, & Deliver Sandwiches—any kind of sandwiches are appreciated, but our Guests prefer meat-based sandwiches.  Please consider doubling the impact of your gift by ordering sandwiches from a local business.  To schedule this, please email us at meals@hobokenshelter.org.
  5. Donate items for Sandwiches—Sliced Bread, Sliced Cheese, Cold Cuts, Canned Tuna Fish, Mayonnaise, & Ziploc Baggies or Tinfoil.
  6. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee—our Guests really love their Cup O’ Joe especially with Sugar & Milk!
  7. Soap & other Hygiene Items are desperately needed.
  8. Towels & Washcloths for showers are needed.
  9. Laundry Detergent is in low supply.
  10. Dish Detergent is important.
  11. Lysol/Clorox Wipes & Cleaning Supplies will help us continue to sanitize the Shelter.
  12. Hand Sanitizers—individual sizes & bulk sizes are needed!
  13. Garbage Bags—any size, but especially 55 Gallons.
  14. Toilet Paper—TP is always Top Priority!
  15. Socks & Underpants are appreciated by the Guests.
  16. If you want to volunteer, we trust you to evaluate your own risks & comfort level, & welcome you to help make sandwiches from 11am-2pm & 6pm-7pm daily in our Kitchen.  No large groups & only 1-2 people at a time.
  17. Check-out our Amazon Wish List—a social distance way to donate!  Link: http://a.co/9Vucyn1
  18. It only costs $2 per meal, so every little bit really helps!  Please sponsor dinner in our soup kitchen with a donation of $300(You can mail donations to JACLYN’s attention—THANKS!)  To donate, you can use our website:  https://hobokenshelter.org/donating-to-the-shelter/you can donate via PayPal, or you can donate via text: text GIVE to 201-733-4196.  Please join our GoFundMe campaign to help us continue our important work.
  19. Spread the word about the Shelter’s accomplishments & needs by following us on our Social Media:




* We are accepting deliveries at 300 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

* Call us at 201-656-5069 & we’ll pop outside to help with curbside drop-offs of donations at the corner of Bloomfield & 3rd Streets.

It is only with the support of our generous volunteers like you that we can continue to further our mission of being a community partnership that transforms lives by providing meals for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, & services to support people to become housed.

For more information about volunteering, please call us at 201-656-5069 or email us at getinvolved@hobokenshelter.org


*Please dress casually, wear a hat, wear closed-toe shoes, & look forward to having a good time!

**PLEASE NOTE that we do NOT host COURT-ORDERED Community Service Volunteers.


Updated as of 3/27/2020