Guest Showcase

Creative Writing

With grants from Hudson County Cultural Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, a yearly production of the participants’ writings is offered to the community, as well as quarterly booklets containing their writings and sketches. Volunteers for the creative writing program can help by typing up ideas generated from the creative writing class.

Having Faith

By Frank

Why do I feel powerless? I feel powerless when I hear about how people treat the homeless and the senior citizens.

What do I do to overcome this? I start talking to my sister and when my sister say, “Frankie, I know you feel about what people do to the homeless and the senior citizens. You are a great person and human being and want to help every world crisis but you could only save one crisis at a time” and that some day I will solve their problems. She makes me feel good about myself and has faith in me.

Private Place

By David S.

I have this special place in my soul do I awake

This is my private place in my mind where dreams are real,

Me myself and I hold each other dear.Nowhere to run, nowhere to hideI have to see myself so deep inside

No one can touch,

No one can feel

No pain to face

My soul is real

So this is where I come when I am so alone

A private place where I call home

Marine’s Surrender

By David S.

Surrender is not an option

Marines never quit

We will keep on fighting until our goal is met

If we surrender, this is how we fail

Freedom has to be won, never waiting to exhale

So keep it real and keep it straight

For if we surrender we will seal our fate


By Cameron Burke

What exactly is it?

Is it your own thoughts?

Is it being alone?

Is not sharing?

Is it feeling your spirit?

Is it seeing your breath in the cold air?

Is it seeing the sun come into a room?

No Privacy

By Cameron Burke

Some people find it when they are alone

Some find it in bed

Others find it within

In your thoughts it is private

You don’t have to share them

In your spirit it is private

You are the only one to feel it

Where I am there is no privacy

Even your thoughts are interrupted

People expect you to share

I don’t want to always share

Sometimes having one thought or idea

Is so precious that you never want to lose that moment


By Cameron Burke

As a young girl I surrender

My thoughts to feel connected

As a young lady I surrender

My body to just feel wanted

As a young woman I surrendered

My soul – to feel like I belonged

And as a woman I surrender

What I want

To feel what I want


By Cameron Burke

Once upon a time I had power.

Over my life,

Over things,

Over anything that I choose

Then one day the power had left

Because I neglected my power

I choose to be weak

I choose o let someone

Or something take my power

Once upon a time I was powerless,

Over my life,

Over things,

Over anything that I choose

Then one day the powerless had left

I had an awaken my spirit

I choose to be strong

I choose that no one

Or nothing would take my power

I choose to have my pride

I choose that I would love

I choose that I would have power

And not be powerless

In this simple poem, I state that I had choices. And I had power over those choices, but at one time I made choices that made me powerless to people, places or things; not on my ability to make choices. So the whole time I had power, I just didn’t know how to use it.

I have regained my power because I finally read the instructions. They said be true to yourself and every thing will be real around you.


By Al

Keeping job and home together


Maintaining love and affection for the ones that I truly love


Sharing with one another


Control over oneself


Being able to fulfill my goals in life


Alcohol addiction!

Chain of Events

By Eric Borim

At present I feel powerless to form a complete sentence This powerlessness stems from exhaustion. An exhaustion born of my current schedule. A schedule dictated by my residence. A residence necessitated by circumstances. Circumstances brought on by bad decisions. Decisions dictated by addiction. Addiction resulting from powerlessness.

This is the house that Jack built.

Give It Up

By Eric Borim

Three hundred forty five days ago I made my last major, and most important decision . . . to stop making decisions.

For, based on my track record, my decision-making skills have always proven, at best, detrimental.

I thought I’d remember what my successes were and repeat them. I thought I’d remember what my failures were and avoid them. Then someone suggested I let someone else remember and

remind me. It may have been the best advice I’ve ever received.

The moment I relinquish my pseudo-control over any problem, the solution invariably presents itself.

By surrendering, I am victorious.

How can I lose if I don’t fight a losing battle?


By Charles Jenkins

No control over others and/or my addiction

A losing battle

Low self-esteem


Lack of faith in higher power

Death without higher power


By Charles Jenkins




Personal with self or others



By Charles Jenkins

I can’t beat Satan aka the devil aka crack cocaine-heroin-alcohol-gambling etc.

I surrender.

I can’t beat my higher power aka God, Jesus, aka my Lord and Savior aka my Creator.

I surrender.

I can’t change my partner – or you.

I surrender.


By Basil Okocha

I am a mostly private individual who is able to find privacy anywhere, be it in the middle of an argument in a movie hall, everybody talking all at once and, for as long as I do not get involved, I am in my privacy.

I will sit quietly in a corner and watch things happen.

That corner is my privacy.

Or listen silently as others argue. That silence is my privacy.

Or pacing around the park and whiling away the time. That is my privacy.

Or sitting in a class. Seldom contributing to conversation because I am in my privacy.

Power Less

by David S.

Up in smoke, that’s where it went

That’s why I can’t pay my rent

Now through the smoke! I see the crack of dawn.

I am so powerless because all my hits are gone.

I am powerless, because all of my money is spent

And now I am on the floor looking for another hit

One more bottle that’s all I need

Please Dear Lord help me get off my knees.

Now I am homeless because of all of this

That is how I became powerless.

Ed B

Bill H

Woman of the Cumbia Culture

Edw B